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Replacement Glass and Tabletops in Phoenix, Arizona

We’re proud to have skilled glass cutters on our full-time team. While other glass contractors have bowed to economic pressures and have eliminated hand-work and other specialty techniques, we know that having an on-site glass cutter means quicker response times for our customers and their custom glass needs.

We’re one of the most established, owned and operated glass shop in the valley. Since 1973 we have provided residential and commercial glass with the precise skills that only come from a glass company with this kind of longevity.

Our team of installation experts continually updates their skills by keeping informed of the latest state-of-the-art glass and adhesives. Every window we install will be of the most currently-engineered glass products.

We do it all here at ABC Glass Co.. You can be assured that with one phone call to (480) 630-3572, our friendly customer service staff will be able to answer all of your questions and educate you about the processes we use to effectively install or cut any type of glass.

Of the many different items we feature, we are esteemed to create glass with boutique hand-craftsmanship—something missing from other cost-cutting glass shops.

We highlight the fine glasswork of Hollander glass - one of the most reputable and artistic manufacturers in the United States. For the ultimate in customized glass, take a look at the work of glass artist Eric Lovell of Uroboros Glass Studios. He pushes the limits of technology to produce the most unique residential and commercial glass in the world.

Whatever your need is where any type of glass is concerned, don’t make any decisions until you’ve called the best, most established glass company in the Valley of the Sun.

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